Beaver Scouts

Thank you for choosing the 433rd Beaver program for your child. We are sure that you and your child will have lots of fun and excitement as he/she takes the first step into the exciting and adventurous world of Scouting.

If you are new to Beavers, or Scouting in general, then all of the information coming at you can be a bit overwhelming. To make it a little easier, we have compiled some general information about Beaver meetings that you will be able to refer to at your leisure. We hope that you find it helpful. If after reading this information you should have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact any one of the Leaders of the 433rd Beaver Colony and they would more than pleased to help.

Please scroll down to read about the following:

    Beaver Buddies

  • The Beaver Law, Promise and Motto
  • Clothing for Meetings and Outings
  • Drop off and Pick Up Information
  • Explanation of the various Beaver Ceremonies

Beaver Law, Promise and Motto

All Beavers are expected to learn the Beaver Law, Promise and Motto. We would ask that parents work with their child at home to learn all three. They are as follows:

Beaver Law: A Beaver has fun, works hard and helps family and friends.
Beaver Promise: I promise to love God and to help take care of the world.
Beaver Motto: Sharing, Sharing, Sharing.

The Law, Promise and Motto are all explained as part of the Beaver story, contained in Friends of the Forest, recommended reading for Beavers and available at any of the Scout Shops.

Clothing for Meetings

Parents’ co-operation with these rules is greatly appreciated. These rules will always apply unless parents have been advised otherwise.

Please bring your child right inside the meeting space to ensure that Leaders are present. Beavers are not allowed to leave the meeting room unless they are in the company of their parent or guardian.

Please make sure that you sign your child in upon arrival and sign him/her out when you leave. A sign-in/out sheet will be on the table inside the door for this purpose.

Drop Off and Pick Up Information

Parents can help by ensuring that their child arrives properly prepared for the program and activities scheduled for the evening or outing.

Beavers should arrive at the meeting facility wearing their full uniform. It would be appreciated if parents help instill in the Beavers a sense of pride in their uniform.

Beaver Ceremonies

Opening Ceremony (Tail Slap)

The opening Tail Slap is conducted by a leader at the beginning of every meeting. All other Leaders and Keeo (if there is one) join the Beavers in the ceremony.

The Tail Slap gives Beavers an opportunity to let off steam in a controlled manner. They take it most seriously and enter into it with their whole heart and lungs. It’s a way for them to express their joy in being alive and their enjoyment of being Beavers. It is also a tangible start to the meeting’s activities.

All Kits and Eager Beavers take part in the opening ceremony. To start the ceremony, a leader stands in the middle of the pond next to Big Brown Beaver and calls, “River Banks.” At this command, the Beavers form two wavy lines (river formation), one line on each side of the ‘river’ and face inward, holding hands.

Little BeaverThe leader then calls out, “Build the Dam.” At this command, the Beavers go into dam formation by closing the ends of each bank to make a dam across the river which encloses Big Brown Beaver and the leader in the middle. The leader stretches out his/her arms sideways and then lowers them.

At this signal, Beavers take the chopping position: feet on floor and body in crouching position, with elbows touching knees, forearms straight up and both hands in Beaver Salute (position representing paws on tree trunks).

When the Beavers are in the chopping position, the leader asks, “Who are you and what do you do?” As loudly as they can, the Beavers reply:

“Beavers, Beavers, Beavers, Sharing, Sharing, Sharing,”

Immediately after saying this in unison, the Beavers call, “Ooo-oo-OO!”, starting quietly and building ever louder. At maximum volume, Beavers leap up to do a Tail Slap (clap hands behind back). They are imitating the swishing sound of the water as the beavers swim from the bottom of the pond to break the surface.

Feeding The Beaver

Feeding the BeaverIn some Colonies this ceremony accomplishes the collection of the Beavers’ “dues” done at the beginning of each meeting. Beavers bring “food for the Beaver” (their dues) into the dam to feed Big Brown Beaver, by putting the “food” into a dish in front of Big Brown Beaver.

At 433rd we collect dues annually as part of the registration fee; therefore, we feed Big Brown Beaver small sticks to signify sharing.

Closing Ceremony (Lodging)

A Leader conducts this ceremony and all other Leaders join the Beavers during the ceremony.

The ceremony marks the conclusion of every meeting and all Kits and Eager Beavers take part.

As in the opening ceremony, the closing ceremony begins with the Leader standing in the centre of the hall next to Big Brown Beaver and calling out, “River Banks”, followed by “Build the Dam”, so that the Beavers end in dam formation.

Closing CeremonyThe Leader then calls out, “Lodge” and at this command, all slowly sink to the floor into the Beaver position (seated cross-legged). As the Beavers go down, they say the sleepy sound, “Sh, sh, sh, sh, sh, sh”, until all Beavers are sitting cross-legged on the floor. The Leader then claps his/her hands once and all “sh-ing” ceases. Softly, Beavers call out, “Sleeping, Sleeping, Sleeping.”

The Leader raises an arm above the head, and Beavers follow the action. With the palms of their hands, both leader and the Beavers make one resounding slap on the floor in front of themselves.

The Leader calls out, “Good night Beavers and busy building tomorrow.”

The Beavers reply, “Good night, (name of the Leader who is conducting the ceremony).”

Investiture Ceremony

When a child joins Beavers, he/she is a Kit, the term used to describe a young Beaver. Kits are placed in a lodge when they attend their first Beaver meeting. They may wear the Beaver hat and vest right away, but not the neckerchief as it will be presented to them when they are invested.

To become an Eager Beaver, a Kit must know the Beaver Promise, Law, and Salute, and the opening, closing and investiture ceremonies.

Beaver InvestitureParents/Guardians are invited to participate in the investiture ceremony. They are asked to stand behind their child when the Beavers receive their neckerchief. This is an important event in the life of a Beaver-it’s even more special if the Beaver’s parents/guardians are present and included in the ceremony. If, for some reason, a parent/guardian or other member of the family is unable to attend, a Leader (or sometimes another parent or friend of the family) will act as a fill-in.