Scouts Canada knows the importance of selecting the right volunteer to lead activities for your children. All Leaders are 18 years of age or older and all are expected to fully adhere to a strict Code of Conduct, plus they must undergo a detailed selection and training process. This process includes an initial interview, personal reference checks and a police record check (both completed prior to their working with the children), formal Scouts Canada training and orientation, coaching and mentoring and ongoing evaluation. Please click here to download the Code of Conduct and Duty of Care document from the national Scouts Canada site.

BeaverIn Beavers, the ratio of children to Leaders is 5 to 1. The 433rd Beaver Colony has a history of being quite popular and we generally have anywhere from 20 to 25 children registered each year. Therefore, for the past several years we have always had at least 5 registered and fully trained Leaders to run the Beaver program.All Leaders share the same responsibilities for the success of the Colony; however, one Leader is always designated as the official contact Leader. At 433rd, each week a different Leader assumes responsibility for planning and providing general supervision of the meeting.

Our current 433rd Beaver Colony Leaders.

Parent Volunteers

Beavers are naturally very busy and an extra set of eyes and hands can be very helpful. We can never have too many volunteers to help out with our meetings and events; therefore, if you would like to help please speak to any one of the current Leaders.

Note: as is the case with Leaders, volunteers are required to have personal reference checks and a police record check prior to their working with the children.