Uniforms & Badges

Think BeaverUniforms are a traditional part of Scouting, even at the Beaver level. We would ask that parents teach the children to respect their uniform and that you make every effort possible to ensure that your child wears his/her complete uniform to every meeting and any official Beaver function or outing (there are some exceptions such as our Halloween dress-up party and outings such skating).

This year, brief uniform inspections will take place as they gather in their Lodges just prior to the opening of each meeting. Once again, a word of advice; please put your child’s name somewhere on the inside of each piece of the uniform (the product label is a good spot). During some activities they will come off and can easily get mixed up.

Uniform Details

The Beaver uniform consists of the Beaver hat, vest, neckerchief and neckerchief woggle (slide). An optional blue Beaver T-shirt (available in long or short sleeves) is also available.


Parents will need to purchase only the hat and vest and the optional T-shirt if you wish. They may be purchased at either of the two Scout Shop locations listed below.

New Beavers, or “Kits”, wear their hat and vest only until after the investiture ceremony, which usually takes place in mid-October. At the investiture, new Beavers become “Eager Beavers” and at that time are presented with their neckerchief & woggle, their official badges and a Beaver’s tail (sewn or pinned to the back of their hat), which indicates their age; brown for 5 year olds, blue for 6 year olds and white for seven year olds.

Note: Only the official badges should be applied to the uniform vest. Special badges or crests received for outings and events are keepsakes and should not be put on their vest, but can be applied to a ‘Memory Blanket’ or a jacket.