When you visit your children’s Beaver Colony or talk to them about Beavers, you will need to understand the “Beaver lingo”. To help you out (you will need it), we’ve listed some of the terms used, along with an explanation of what is being referred to.

Friends of the Forest: The Beaver Book, which is recommended reading for Beavers.

Beaver Hand Signal: Leader’s arm straight up with hand forming Beaver salute. This signals Beavers to stop everything they are doing and pay attention to the leader.

Beaver Salute: Special sign of greeting, made with bent fingers. It represents the two front teeth of a beaver.

Beaver Position: Seated cross-legged on the floor.

Big Brown Beaver: The large stuffed toy Beaver mascot used in ceremonies.

Beaver Buddies: The small stuffed Beaver toys that are taken home for a visit each week by two of the Beavers.

Busy Beavers: Seven year old Beavers who are getting ready to swim up to Cubs.

Chopping Position: Squatting down with elbows on knees, and both hands making a Beaver salute. (Used in the opening and closing ceremonies)

Colony: The entire group of Beavers and leaders.

Dam Formation: Circle formation used for organizing Beavers.

Eager Beaver: A Kit who has learned the Promise, Law and Salute and the opening, closing and has been invested.

Feeding The Beaver: Can be the act of collecting dues in some Colonies, but we include dues in our registration fee so in our Colony we feed the Beaver little sticks as a sign of sharing.

Grand Tail Slap: Sit cross-legged on the floor, raise the right hand above the head and bring it down to slap the floor in front of you.

Investiture: The ceremony in which a KIT is invested (receives the Beaver Neckerchief and woggle and his tail) and officially becomes an Eager Beaver.

Keeo: A Cub who works in a Colony to serve as a link between the Beaver and Cub sections and to strengthen communications between Beavers and the adult leadership team. Keeo is also a member of the Beaver colony leadership team.

Kit: In nature, a Kit is a growing beaver. In the Beaver program, a Kit is Beaver who has not yet been invested.

Lodge: Lodges are smaller working groups of five or six Beavers and a leader. Lodges are useful for some activities like crafts and discussions, or, at times during the meeting when Beavers would benefit from more individual attention.

Lodge Patch: Beavers usually decide upon a name and symbol for their lodge and attach their symbol (lodge patch) to the right hand pocket of their uniform as a sign of identification and belonging. In our Colony the Lodges have been named: Bears, Wolves, Eagles and Tigers.

Lodging: The official term used for of the closing ceremony which occurs at the end of each meeting.

Pond: The place where a Beaver Colony meets. The 433rd Beaver Colony meets at St. Luke’s United Church, which is our Pond.

River Banks: A formation used to organize Beavers quietly. Beavers stand side by side in two wavy lines that are about three feet apart. We use a blue carpet to signify the river.

Swimming-Up: The ceremony in which the oldest Beavers are transferred to the Wolf Cub program. A Beaver goes to Cubs when he/she is between 7 1/2 and 8 years old.

Tail Celebration: Te meeting, usually held in the Fall, at which the Colony recognizes that all Beavers have grown older. The children receive a new colour coded tail to symbolize their growth. The tail is then sewn or pinned onto the back of their Beaver hat for all to see.

Tail Groups: A very useful sub-grouping system, which is used to create smaller working groups within the Colony. Tail groups are indicated by Beavers wearing different coloured tails on their hats. Typically, they are the same age: 5 year olds (Brown Tail), 6 year olds (Blue Tail) and 7 year olds (White Tail) form the three different tail groups. This type of grouping is very practical at different points in the program. It allows leaders to give older Beavers a different or more challenging activity than younger or newer Beavers.

Tail Magic: The magic light symbol is a silver streak down the centre of the white tail.

Light Symbol: Seven year olds (Busy Beavers) may change from a White Tail to a White Tail with a “magic light” symbol a few months prior to swim-up to Wolf Cubs.

Tail Slap: The name of the opening ceremony which occurs at the beginning of each meeting. The action of clapping the hands behind the back.