Uniforms & Badges

Scouting is about many things like learning skills, making friends, leadership, adventure, the outdoors, and fun. One of the most visible parts of scouting is the uniform and all of the badges, insignia, and crests. For new cubs and their parents, the number and variety of these can be a bit confusing.


Insignia are attached to the cub shirt and identify our area and group. There is a Cub Uniform Chart in the Wolf Cub book, Chapter 2: How to become a Wolf Cub. We’ve also attached a photo of a 443rd uniform showing the insignia. When new cubs know the Cub Promise, Law, and Motto they get their insignia and scarves.


Crests are given for participation and are not part of the uniform. These are for events like camps, apple day, and so forth. Crests can be sewn on camp blankets, ponchos, or kept for collections.

Badges, Stars and Awards

Cubs earn badges, stars, and awards at Cub activities, through school projects, sports teams, hobbies, and family events. As long as they are earned while the youth is a Cub from the time they join or swim up from Beavers until they move on to Scouts. Badges cover single subjects like “Team Player”, “Reading”, “Pet Care”, or “Swimming”. Stars cover a number of related subjects. Awards are special badges that also require some additional work.

Each year we try to set our program to allow cubs to earn two stars and some badges. Badges, stars, and awards are worked on during meetings, camps and other official events. Cubs can also work on badges that fit their own talents and interests. Cubs often bring in their projects to show the leaders their badge work.

You can also help your Cub by encouraging them to read the book and find things that fit their interests. The Cub Book is divided into six badge related sections dealing with the Natural World, Outdoors, Creative Expression, Health and Fitness, Home and Community, and Canada and the World. Each section has some simple projects that can be used to earn stars and badges.

How to wear insignia, badges, stars, and awards

The diagram below is from the Cub Book. It shows where everything goes on the uniform:

Cub Uniform

This diagram shows the sash, and indicates how you should lay out badges on it:

Cub Uniform Sash

And these two pictures show the right and left arms of one of our cubs in uniform, so you can see how the 433rd scout group’s insignia are applied:

Cub Uniform Right Arm

Cub Uniform Left Arm


  1. The 433rd scarf should be rolled so that the purple half is on the right-hand side.
  2. The special 2007 crest goes just above the left chest pocket.
  3. Uniforms and other gear can be purchased at any Scout Shop.