2014-2015 Photos

Photos from the 2014-2015 Scouting Year

  • 2014-2015

A few pictures from our second meeting of the year. The kids are usually still getting to know each other at this point, and we're trying to memorize everyones' names.

Our fall camp at Scout Camp Manitou.

Our winter camp at Camp Nemo. The Scouts successfully made it through a bitterly cold night outdoors, thus earning their Winter camping badges.

Our trip to Queen's Park.

Group pictures from our trip to Laser Quest

Pictures from our annual park clean-up event.

Pictures from our year-end camp at Woodland Trails.

We also took a few movies:

The campfire at our fall camp. One of the Scouts had created a huge ball of burrs, which he threw onto the fire in hopes that it would burn spectacularly.

The Saturday night campfire at our year-end camp (we gave the Scouts small amounts of coffee whitener to throw onto the fire, which produces an exciting but harmless flare-up).

The Sunday campfire at our year-end camp (we had no more coffee whitener, so we let the Scouts use hot chocolate powder instead).