October 2011 upcoming meetings

Here are a few notes on upcoming meetings:

1) As we told the Scouts at last week’s meeting, this week’s meeting on October 19 is going to be held at a bowling alley because the church is busy with their yearly rummage sale. We finally managed to get our reservation confirmed, so we can announce that we will be meeting at PlanetBowl at 5555 Eglinton Ave W, at the usual time from 7:00pm to 8:30pm on Wednesday. To help pay for shoe rentals and lane rentals, we’ll need each Scout to bring $12.

2) This weekend is our Queen’s Park Scout tour. There is no fee. We will meet in the church parking lot at IUC at 11:00am on Saturday October 22, whereupon we will take the Scouts downtown via TTC so that they learn a bit about navigating our city on the way to the tour. We will come back to the church for approximately 4:00pm.

3) Next week’s meeting on Wednesday October 26 will be our yearly Halloween party. The kids are encouraged to wear their costumes to the meeting, and to also be prepared to tell ghost stories if they know any. We will have snacks and games too!

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